2019 Roster

1 Desiree Calderon

2 Avery Mckinney

3 bri kashwer

4 graceanna Linder

5 hannah dimmel

6 samia white

7 mia nunez

8 leslee soto

9 kylie maxson

10 chyna williams

13 porsche jones

14 emily ladd

15 jakayla jones

managers: krystionna west & momo moore

Lady Rattler Volleyball
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HS: text @NavasotaV to 81010
   Lil Diggers: text @b23bc34 to 81010    

Lil  Diggers  spring Registration deadline 12/20

forms will be sent out this week!!!  

Lil' Diggers

The Lil’ Diggers is an opportunity for young athletes to gain exposure and experience on the volleyball court. This program will teach players the rules of the game, the technical skills, and will place a special emphasis on teamwork.  Our goal is to provide the tools necessary to build a successful volleyball program for all future Lady Rattlers.

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2019 Schedule

08/03 vs Iola Scrimmage

08/05 @Round Top-Carmine Scrimmage

08/06 vs Anderson

08/10-12 Fairfield Varsity Tournament

08/09 @New Waverly

08/13 vs Caney Creek

08/15-17 Hempstead Varsity Tournament

08/16 vs Magnolia

08/20 @Brenham

08/23 vs Cameron

08/27 vs Lexington

08/29-31 Snook Varsity Tournament

08/30 @Rudder

08/31 Bellville JV/Fresh Tournament

09/03 @Iola

09/06 vs Tarkington

09/10 @Madisonville

09/17 vs Coldspring-Oakhurst

09/20 vs ALUMNI

09/24 vs Caldwell (Teacher Appreciation)

09/27 @Smithville

10/01 @Bellville

10/04 vs Giddings (HOCO)

10/08 @La Grange

10/15 @Caldwell

10/18 vs Smithville (Dig Pink Match)

10/22 vs Bellville (Lil Digger Night)

10/25 @Giddings

10/29 vs La Grange (Senior Night)

Contact :

Head Coach, Susan Foy


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